Digital Marketing During COVID-19 Pandemic

The widespread Covid-19 has had an effect on all business, since its advent. As per the study of SHRM, 42% of the business owners had to close their businesses due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

What more, these circumstances have led people to take some difficult decisions and forced some of them to put in extra work to keep their companies going. Widespread travel restrictions have been announced across the globe. Several countries are under total lockdown.

The fate of mega sports events and ad-tech gatherings is yet to be decided. Moreover, ad agencies that are heavily dependent on interpersonal connect and physical presence of staff, are rethinking the way they are operating.

The study further adds that 6 in 10 businesses stated that they have faced some excruciating times and have seen a significant decrease in their revenue since the time COVID-19 has taken place.

Many industries like beauty and retail are having to increase their online presence and open their ecommerce stores in order to survive.

Considering this condition, many businesses has identified the importance of digital marketing during Covid-19 situations, to stay current in their business circles.

Adapting to New Strategies

According to the preliminary statistics published by Forbes, internet hits have surged by 50% to 70%. A study on media consumption says that online media intake has surged by more than 4 hours since the COVID-19 lockdown, in comparison to the average of 1.5 hours in the pre-corona times.

Considering these situations, the businesses should use this as an opportunity and try to focus digital marketing trends during the Covid-19 pandemic. Businesses should inform customers about digital strategies that will benefit them in this time of crisis and use mediums and ways like;

• Email Marketing tactics & digital presence, services, and offers.
• Active branding on social media platforms for identity and visibility.
• Online presence & sense of online security to customers.

Some of the benefits and effective digital marketing approaches to adapt during this time are as follows.

  1. You can optimize your business website and modify it for mobile users.
  2. You can also create some creative and optimized content for your website and apps.
  3. At this time, you must conduct some valuable and in-depth SEO analysis.
  4. Use current and compelling keywords into your content.
  5. Engage more with your audience and improve online visibility through online communities and forums.
  6. Work towards improving user experience so that your customers feel satisfied with your services.

Organic SEO and Local SEO

Due to a drop in overall search demand, businesses everywhere are seeing downward trend in the organic channel. Organic performance has dropped and most business websites have flat keyword rankings.

Google Search also shows a considerable drop in search impressions though rankings staying the same.

Now is the best time for marketers to pick up on consumer behaviour changes and reflect current happenings in their strategies.

Unlike paid search, it is recommended that businesses continue executing their SEO and content marketing efforts

If you choose to reduce spend in your SEO and content marketing efforts, you significantly risk your organic rankings.

Once search demand returns you will still drive considerably less organic traffic than before the COVID-19 pandemic began. Hence, it’s vital to maintain your SEO campaign.

People are hardly leaving their places to buy products; they search for the nearest service providers. Hence, it’s important for businesses to work on local SEO with the help of digital marketing agency services like Digital Infosync to make sure their customers are getting access to your website just by one-click.

Content marketing & Influencer Marketing

Content marketing, SEO, and influencer marketing remain key focal points for small businesses that strive to grow during slow periods. 

With companies clamouring to remain relevant in present situations, the digital marketing arena and the companies that are spearheading digital services are not as much affected as some other industries and in fact, the opposite may be true as business owners ramp up their marketing efforts.

Paid search and Social media

45 percent of global consumers are devoting more time to social media. Due to Covid-19 online video streaming has increased by 26 %, online gaming traffic has increased exponentially and the number of consumers using online food delivery and essential goods delivery has risen dramatically.

To better satiate consumers working from home, keeping the above in mind, businesses are refocusing on their marketing budgets to purpose-driven, cause-related marketing.

In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, search demand is down. If your company’s product or service is not a very essential then it is better to pull back on your paid ad spend.

Failure to reduce spend can make even the most profitable campaigns turn negative for return on ad spend (ROAS).

On the other side, ad bids in many industries are lower than they’ve ever been. This is due to businesses cutting their budgets and advertisers making fewer bids.

Look out for opportunities to expand your reach with PPC, both search and display as capturing market share now means reaping benefits in the future, especially with the upward trend in click through rates. 

The same number of clicks won’t cost you nearly as much as they did in Jan-Feb. The severe drop in competition and average CPC means your advertising budget will take you a lot further in next quarter. Just make sure you keep a close eye on your ROAS.

Many brands may look to optimize their marketing practices to better reflect the increase in online transactions, communications and face time with consumers.

With these two factors, it means that as a marketer, we are in a time where clicks are relatively cheap, therefore low-risk for ad tests and experimental on different platforms.

Focus on Digital Marketing.

Online traffic and the increase of internet users is seen in recent rises due to Covid-19 situation. Many online forums are seeing a high increase in traffic dedicated to finance, news, business, travel, and sports. 

Twitter is seeing a rise in monthly active users and time spent though losing some of its revenue due to advertising pull-outs,

There are more users online and attention now than ever before, with consumers not only looking for content that is relevant to current situations, but also any kind of content that helps or entertains them.

Hence, brands that invest now, will have advantage on their competition both in the short-term and long-term.

Businesses are going to become more dependant than ever on their digital strategy. In many cases digital marketing will be the deciding factor in whether they make it through the tough times ahead.

How Can We Help?

The year 2020 will go down as a difficult year in history for businesses. Many businesses will remember it as the year traditional marketing stopped being as effective, and they had to make the change to digital marketing.

If your business is yet to make this shift, now is the time to understand the role of developing a digital marketing strategy and positioning your business to thrive in the new virus-effected environment.

As a digital marketing company, Digital Infosync helps businesses by ensuring content and digital marketing services stay current as per present Covid-19 situation.

Digital Marketing Company in Warangal

As a top digital marketing service provider, Digital Infosync does provide best advice for your business to start creating and implementing your digital strategy.

We understand the importance of listening and communicating with our clients to develop well structured strategies to reduce the impact of pandemic on your business and make it future ready.

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